pmlogic is a leading Australian based strategy execution company

We look at our clients needs through the lens of their strategic path and objectives, to ensure their projects are in constant alignment. Each of our certified program managers and consultants bring over 15 years of proven experience to the table, to help strategise, audit, recover, tailor and deliver projects with exceptional quality.

But it’s our people-centred approach that underpins the success of our clients’ projects. Right down to an individual level, we help assess, match and harness the right talent in the right roles to ensure genuine engagement, active empowerment and cultural harmony with the transformation, long after we’ve left the building.

It’s these intangible benefits alongside the measurable deliverables, that brings increased return on investment, heightened value to our service, and sees many of our clients return time and again.

We strive to consistently be market leaders who are redefining the profession of project management via cutting-edge innovation, world-class training and enduring, meaningful results.

Find out more about James Bawtree, founder and CEO of PMLogic.

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