The Climate

Biotechs manage vital information across internal/virtual teams using shared drives, Dropbox, Google Drive, or servers.

Key Risks / Costs:

  • 1. Poor Execution
  • 2. Loss of intellectual Assets
  • 3. Fragmented information jeopardises compliance
  • 4. Lost time in FDA or equivalent submissions
  • 5. Missed revenue in launch, licensing and M&A

How we can help

PMLogic with its business partner IRIS Interactive know that investors favour Lean Biotech model to achieve:

  • More efficient use of capital
  • Speed –Reach the next inflection point quickly
  • Maximise exit value

Lean Biotech model is difficult to implement as:

  • Virtual teams are mobile
  • Development cycles are long
  • Regulatory and Payer Environment is more demanding

Within a week, we can create a cost effective solution to manage a lean biotech asset with no IT Capital investment and no risk of loss of vital information related to the asset and ability to manage the asset all the information from inception to launch.

Track Record

“We would not have had a successful audit, had it not been for the Iris system“ Chief Financial Officer – Top 10 Pharma Co. customer"

“Iris Interactive provides us with a quantitative tool, which allows us to make effective resourcing decisions across business development and lifecycle product management from human resourcing right through to financials. The newly implemented system will allow us to plan for the long term. The team values the importance of this system and its benefit to the business.” Leah Goodman, Director of Portfolio Development, Sanofi"

“Medicines Australia is proud to see our member, Iris Interactive, has been awarded for its innovation and has been recognised for its important contribution to the medical and healthcare industry in Australia and globally. The service Iris Interactive provides, is core to the development and advancement of the industry to ensure our healthcare professionals are free to continue saving lives.” Will Delaat, Chairman Medicines Australia"

“Focus on potential winners, synchronise global and local execution and quick to market, best label, max revenue” Chief Scientific Officer – Top 5 Pharma Co. customer"