Clients - Manufacturing


The Climate

We’ve seen historic changes to the domestic automotive sector in recent years, and similar pressures affect many other players with off-shore production increasingly difficult to compete with.

Meanwhile, maintaining a seamless supply chain is crucial, and costly global recalls can be catastrophic. Within the workforce, high-level technical skills remain a key focus, yet other non-technical skills are becoming increasingly vital to keep innovative and competitive in a dynamic marketplace.

How we can help

  • Coaching, mentoring and training project staff
  • Reviewing and optimising projects
  • Managing the sale and acquisition of companies
  • Managing production of units aligned to customer demands
  • Managing support equipment for aerospace and telecommunications industries

Track Record

From divestments to process streamlining, our experience in the manufacturing industry includes numerous and varied roles.

  • Planning of time and cost (TSA) to separate two manufacturing companies
  • Programme directorship of two concurrent ~$50m divestments
  • Coaching project and divisional management staff
  • Product and project management of manufacturing of telecommunications test equipment
  • Design and manufacture engineering and project management of aerospace special to test and ground support equipment
  • Review and enhancement of $1b+ defence capability building projects

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