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The Climate

As always, delivering on election and Ministerial promises whilst managing a portfolio of change initiatives is the challenge, with an annual funding model of ‘use or lose’. Reporting requirements and media scrutiny only increases, placing heavy demands on incumbents, who face additional change with the consolidation of government agencies and subsequent reduction in management level staff.

How we can help

  • Initiating a programmatic approach to the establishment and delivery of services
  • Creating regular check points to confirm initiatives still on track to deliver
  • Aligning Minister promises with project list and supporting prioritisation
  • Reviewing maturity of government departments as well as whole of government level
  • Establishment of Communities of Practice to help governments collaborate and knowledge-share.
  • Supporting the amalgamation of agencies leveraging a mergers and acquisition proven process

Track Record

Our extensive experience in the Government sector spans many years and covers key roles in complex transformations.

  • Whole of state government maturity review and establishment of multi-year roadmap and PMO Community of Practice monthly meetings
  • Review of education, health, ICT and building government agencies and creation of improvement roadmap
  • Coaching of sponsors, PMO and project delivery teams
  • Multi-year reviews of federal agency with review and update of improvement roadmap
  • Establishment of multiple federal agency portfolio Community of Practices to share best practice and lessons learnt
  • Creation and delivery of online forms with associated back office integration including government licensing system for payments and salesforce
  • Development of large federal agency portfolio and project governance framework
  • Roll out of federal and state government project, programme, change and portfolio management methodologies
  • Management of critical technology situation to stability
  • Review and update of federal transformational programme business case and revise multi-million dollar savings captured
  • Review and enhancement of EPMO and portfolio project management frameworks
  • Management of all digital services and multi-channel alignment for Australian states

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