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The Climate

By its very nature, the swift advancement of technology flows on to the players in the industry. Roles that didn’t even exist a few years ago, such as the Data Scientist, are cropping up to cater for more specialised needs, while major technology providers continue to release critical updates in rapid fire.

Within organisations, a spaghetti-style architecture is all too common, resulting in unpredictability and often significant interoperability issues whenever technology changes are implemented.

How we can help

  • Establishment of a technology services model and framework
  • Mapping customer needs to services and associated application, infrastructure and other layers
  • Managing technology projects and programmes including all digital to ERP, CRM, Core system replacements
  • Training, coaching and mentoring staff in technology and portfolio project management frameworks and methods
  • Reviewing IT operating model, establishing improvement roadmaps and supporting organisations through these improvements

Track Record

Our specific experience in the technology industry equips us with targeted skills, sharpened on numerous initiatives.

  • Establishment of target IT operating models including service management frameworks
  • Establishment of governance and operating rhythm for full ERP implementation including migration to cloud, thin client machines and move of data centres
  • Review of IT operating model and creation of plan for uplift in capability across all functions and services
  • Assessment of technology services and assets and separation of two companies following acquisition
  • Establishment of full IT business unit including people, process, tools and infrastructure

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