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The Climate

Numerous challenges face the legal sector, in the form of increased competition by international players – often at a fraction of the cost of domestic services – as well as a rise of the prevalence of in-house lawyers in big organisations.

Advancements in technology have streamlined some services previously performed by legal staff, such as contract reviews, while the volume of law graduates continues to exceed the demand in the industry. Staff retention is also relevant, as a number of professionals now use their experience in law as a stepping stone on a more specialised career path.

How we can help

  • Establishment of a programme approach to strategy execution
  • Use of personas and involvement of actual customers in programme change journey
  • Introduction of simulations to help understand and experience innovation and change management

Track Record

More than 15 years experience at the cutting edge of the project management arena translates to meaningful applications for challenges facing the legal industry.

  • Holistic review of organisations operating model
  • Assessment and roadmap approach to enhancement of knowledge management and training approach
  • Organisational assessment and recommended approach to transition
  • Establishment of global CRM programme including governance structure, roles and responsibilities and operating rhythm
  • Set up of change management framework

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