Clients - Telecommunications


The Climate

The ever-present challenges of service reliability and ‘bill shock’ remain, while usage costs continue to be heavily scrutinised. We’ve seen the migration from a model of ‘poles and wires’ mentality to a service-based proposition, which means to remain competitive the ability to innovate across product and service offerings with expediency is crucial.

How we can help

  • Review and optimisation of the PMO
  • Improvements in project and programme delivery through consistency and following a ‘right practice’ approach
  • Product development and aligning project management
  • Capability assessment and career path development
  • Training, coaching and mentoring

Track Record

More than 15 years experience at the cutting edge of the project management arena translates to meaningful applications within the telecommunications sector.

  • Strategic review of organisations ability to execute its strategy
  • Alignment of costs out with customer enhancement programmes
  • Training in project, PMO and programme management
  • Review and enhancement of EPMO framework
  • Set up of Primavera, project scheduling tool and associated processes, roles and responsibilities

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