Clients - Insurance


The Climate

While less than favourable press continues around the industry’s business rules and ‘fairness’, interesting changes have been sweeping across the insurance sector. The availability of ‘Big Data’ is transforming customer assessment, experience and service, and the technology input from insured persons is providing greater granularity on risk levels.

How we can help

  • Assessment of data models, use of data layers in services being insured
  • Improvements in the governance and controls on the management and successful delivery of projects and programmes
  • Management of large-scale transformational change programmes
  • Rescue of project and programmes that are not delivering expected objectives

Track Record

From compliance matters to customer service initiatives, our experience in the insurance sector includes numerous and varied roles.

  • Strategic review of IT operating model and establishment of approach to enhance service offering and ownership model
  • Divisional review of business as usual staff capacity to support projects both in-flight and readiness to take on their deliverables
  • Establishment of project management framework covering whole of organisation
  • Update of product administration systems to meet regulatory requirements
  • Establishment of a new 85 seat contact centre

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