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Not For Profit

The Climate

With significant changes to funding models and commercialisation of some services, Not For Profit (NFP) organisations are increasingly adopting a business-like approach. Legislative changes have resulted in greater reporting requirements, while increased competition in healthcare and other NFP services has caused a reduction of income levels for some incumbents. Progressive marketing strategies and harnessing advances in technology are a must to remain viable.

How we can help

  • Establishing a simple portfolio management framework and set of tools for NFPs to manage their projects
  • Mentoring, coaching and training in right practices
  • Facilitating workshops to diagnose, plan and implement improvements and solves issues NFPs are facing

Track Record

More than 15 years experience at the cutting edge of the project management arena translates to meaningful applications within the NFP sector.

  • State chapter President for the preeminent Australian project management association
  • Strategic review of operating model and establishment of approach to consolidate and enhance services and service ownership model
  • Leading the project management industry to set an up to date set of standards aligned to PMO and project delivery

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