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The Climate

Unprecedented levels of investment in infrastructure (circa $70b in NSW), carries significant project risk, as initiatives of this magnitude have not been undertaken by this generation. But it’s essential: Sydney is estimated to grow from 5 million to 8 million by 2050, which means not only densification but also 700,000 new homes. To accommodate this substantial surge, accurate population estimates as well as demand base locations are vital.

Planning must be meticulous, so that services are established in advance of when they’re required, not retrospectively.

How we can help

  • Taking a systems-based approach to the issues and creating learning organisations which are agile and adaptable to the changing environments
  • Breaking down these complex societal challenges into complicated and simple, thus de-risking the portfolio of change investments
  • Improving the maturity of how infrastructure portfolios are delivered, achieving a higher return
  • Working with construction organisations and their associations to assist them gear-up in an efficient approach to meet forecasted demands

Track Record

Our broad experience in the infrastructure sector encapsulates numerous and varied initiatives.

  • Review of $6b infrastructure portfolio and establishment of multi-year improvement roadmap
  • Coaching of infrastructure management team
  • Establishment of new offices for multiple ASX listed organisations
  • Set up of fully operational 85 seat Australian contact centre in 8 weeks
  • Project Management of Cognos implementation including data warehouse, business intelligence and report solutions

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