Clients - Defence


The Climate

Within the Defence industry, initiatives are invariably complex, spanning multiple years with a large stakeholder base made up of multiple parties requiring varying needs. As a result, maintaining a path that adheres to budget and timelines has proved a significant challenge for projects in the past, with low maturity in programme management a common issue.

A policy of staff rotation and inter-force coordination means frequent shifts in programme direction, sponsorship and ownership, while the current climate of significant security threats, combined with substantial natural disaster relief efforts only adds to the complexity.

How we can help

  • Assessment of touchpoints and improvement control and communication across multiple domains e.g. logistics and finance
  • Review of risk levels being carried across defence ICT planning, development and sustainment

Track Record

Our proven experience in defence equips us with specialised skills honed on numerous initiatives.

  • Holistic review of defence information and communication division
  • Detailed review of defence logistics and finance and establishment of governance model and target operating model
  • Review and enhancement of capability delivery PMO
  • SCRAM and IBR reviews on multiple large-scale, multi-contractor and multi-country Australian projects
  • Scheduling and earned value management support
  • Project, programme, PMO, earned value, scheduling training