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The Climate

With an ageing population comes significant pressures on our health system, as it struggles to service the increased demand caused by associated health problems such as dementia. Meanwhile the huge investment projects in Level 5 hospitals by many State governments struggle to adhere to budgets.

The landscape is evolving, as private operator models balance both commercial and treatment targets, and rapidly advancing technology sets new benchmarks and investment challenges. Developments such as Wearable devices provide real time patient input, while clinicians can access more aggregated data than ever via the convenience of an iPad.

How we can help

  • Alignment of initiatives to strategic objectives and mapping extended stakeholder groups
  • Capability modelling and identification of best people to fit roles and gaps
  • People change management planning and implementation
  • Establishing effective governance and controls for sponsoring organisations and the government
  • Assessing maturity of an operating model and benchmarking against other organisations as well as devising strategies to manage the risks associated with low levels of maturity
  • Development of a multi-phase and/or year improvement roadmap with prioritised and executive sponsored / owned activities
  • Coaching, mentoring, training and establishment of career paths and job families

Track Record

Our broad experience in the health industry translates to meaningful applications in a changing climate

  • Programme management of new electronic patient booking system across over 200 sites
  • Review of new hospitals and other heath infrastructure projects of value $6b
  • Review of the maturity of state level health technology group portfolio, programmes and projects
  • Establishment of clinician and process change management groups to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of projects and transition to business as usual
  • Development of multi-year improvement roadmaps
  • Action-based learning via project leadership and university executive training

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