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The Climate

As the education industry becomes increasingly globalised, it faces numerous challenges and areas of opportunity as it affirms itself as one of our largest exports.

The advent of blended learning opens up unprecedented content, while shifting the teaching focus from face-to-face to facilitation. Incredible advances in technology require teachers to manage their students learning across different interfaces, and teachers themselves are upskilling on the run to keep up. In a climate of constant change, teaching topics need ongoing relevance-checks as students blur the lines between distinct career choices and fields of study.

How we can help

  • Assisting organisations assess cultural fit of potential employees and existing employees to new roles
  • Targeted training, providing participants the skills, competencies and tools to take on new roles and experiences
  • Empowering staff to help them oversee, manage and support complex programmes and projects in an environment of constant change.

Track Record

Our proven experience in education and training equips us with specialised skills honed on numerous initiatives.

  • Implementing new course curriculum and blended learning model including new e-learning modules
  • Establishment and operations of e-learning business
  • Technology implementation of new LMS, LCMS
  • Process evolution and transformation
  • Action-based learning, helping clients learn on-the-job skills as programmes are being delivered
  • Targeted operating model strategic advice and transition timing
  • Staffing, recruitment, cultural fit and engagement (permanent and contract)
  • MBA lecturing : Leadership and Strategy Execution in a Complex Programme Environment
  • Running a training business to assess and enhance people’s skills and capabilities

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